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Goodbye Max

Thank you for 14.5 lovely years.

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oh joy

Crap! The Doctor thinks I might have Glandular Fever. Had a huge amount of blood out, got a sick note for today and Monday and now I gotta rest. I hope it's not but symptoms suggest otherwise. :P

That would explain why I've felt ratshit for months. Maybe.

headache from hell

I've never before had a headache where the throbbing went in time with my pulse. I got up some time around midnight to take some more headache tablets which unfortunately didn't kick it as well as I hoped and I found myself sitting in bed crying in the morning. It's so silly when I think about it now but I was feeling quite anxious and a bit lonely. Luckily for me my mum came around and made me tea and took me to the doctors. Seems it's my sinuses playing havoc and I now have two more days off work. I went in yesterday but that was a bad move - I came home with my eyes hurting and in much need of sleep.

because I am curious

Think of the first word that comes to mind when you think of me.

Run a google image search on that word.

Reply to this entry & post one of the pictures from your search, but don't tell me what the word was.

Put this in your journal, so I can post a picture for you!


I'm cooking lots of different things these days because I am sitting down to plan our meals for the week and pulling out different cook books in order to do that. Tonight we had Mixed mushroom and goat's cheese strudel. I took a photo, how sad is that. I had two serves as noted in the recipe for a total of 3 WW points. It tasted great.

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crash bandicoot

I had my first AOT in the city today on the bike. It's very ungainly when the back wheel gets stuck in the tram tracks and one cannot defy the laws of nature. I ended up in a little mess on the road. Nothing too bad but wounded pride and a few bruises. No ripped lycra, THANK GOD! I have lost some skin on my knee and elbow and have 2 bruises on the other knee.

Mostly I just feel silly as I really didn't give the tram tracks the respect they deserve as I had it in my head that they were only really dangerous when riding skinny tired bikes and when it was wet. It's amazing how alive doing something like that makes you feel though - like a kid in a way.

I was on my way to do a Critical Mass ride, my first. It was something I really felt I needed to do and I am glad I did but I can see now that it just makes motorists angry and doesn't have the effect of making motorists want to get out and ride. It was nice and social but I don't really think I will do the ride again.

bye bye big Wal

I've cut back the TV viewing in a major way in the past week or so while the Commonwealth Games was on and we were busy running around seeing different things (more on that later). We are still watching the Biggest Loser and I am enjoying it although I find Ajay (or is it AJ? I don't know what's with the change in spelling) really annoying. So, big Wal is gone. Well, I gotta say it doesn't seem to have hurt him any! He looked awesome and very hot. I like men who aren't afraid to be themselves and whilst Wal was a PITA at times he really did have a heart of gold under that tough exterior. I can't wait to see Wal at the final!
I don't often post memes but this one amused me and it turned out pretty accurate. :-)

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28th Feb, 2006

Dear husband was putting the bins out and was stopped in his tracks by an orb weaving spider that had spun it's web right where he needed to walk. That's one big mother fooker spider and even more scary looking then a huntsman. Damn huntsman are after me at the moment, everywhere I turn I see another one. :P